Youth Group

Youth Group Hit The Beach!

For the final day of 2023’s Holy Nativity Youth Group Camp, we hit the beach! Having looked at the long range forecast we decided that Friday was the best day. After a hearty breakfast we filled our day sacks and hiked to Runswick Bay. Digging holes, burying each other in the sand and learning to float in the sea was the order of the day. After a steep climb up the hill to the minibus, we went to Beacon Farm…

Youth Group vs the Knights!

What a day we had as we battled against the elements and won! With a shaky looking weather forecast we got into the minibus with our waterproofs and headed to Scarborough Castle!

Youth Group Christmas

We’ve had a lot of fun at Youth Group in the Autumn term. We finished with a Christmas party at which David made us play the silliest of games – I can remember eating Dairy Milk with a knife and fork when I was a kid! For the last Youth Group of 2022 we decided to go ten pin bowling! What a fun night that was. And it is always entertaining to see the smallest kids try to eat the…

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

It has been a really eventful couple of days! Once the traditional foot washing service for Maundy Thursday had concluded, Holy Nativity’s Youth Group kept the overnight vigil with a sleepover. Maundy Thursday is all about remembering the last supper so they began by baking bread for the vigil. Millions of candles were set up on the high altar with the loaf and then we were keeping watch all through the night. Later, a camp fire and toasted marshmallows kept…

Palm Sunday | Our Holy Week Preparations

What a busy week we’ve been having as we prepared for Palm Sunday and Holy Week! Ash Green spent a day looking at how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We waved palm branches and palm crosses around whilst shouting hosanna! Then we cut our own palms out of green paper to make leaved that became these fantastic rad banners to decorate Holy Nativity! Of course Holy Nativity’s youth group helped out with the decoration acros the bottom of…

Youth Group @ Galactic Golf!

Yesterday Holy Nativity’s Youth Group got into the minibus and headed down to Galactic Golf for some half term fun! 18 holes of zany fun with 15 youngsters? What could go wrong? After we had made it to the end of the course, we headed down to the seating to total up the scores! Three winners, three prizes and a lot of sharing. Then we all had pizza, hotdogs, chicken nuggets and chips! Of course there was a birthday to…

The Big Night Out

Today we went to the Big Night Out at Lightwater Valley with 16 teenagers!  What a great day it was!  Rides and sunshine, a picnic and some great bands! The Big Night Out is the biggest church youth event in the north of England.  Thousands of young people enjoying themselves in the sun and having fun!  Brightline were really good as the evening’s entertainment! Now we’re all tired and back on the coach home!  Another fantastic year!!
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