Sparks Holiday Club | 5-11 Year Olds

Sparks Holiday Club | 5-11 Year Olds

During school holidays, Holy Nativity run fun day sessions for 5-11 year olds called ‘Sparks’.  With up to 30 places available, local children come to sing, dance, play and have fun doing arts and crafts before having lunch.  For £2 each day, your child can do all of this and get their lunch as well!!

Dates and Times for Summer 2023

For August 2023, Sparks will be 9am-1pm on:

Wednesday 16th
Thursday 17th
Tuesday 29th
Wednesday 30th

One time we did clay modelling.  We looked at Noah’s ark and little fingers shaped and moulded clay to form model animals ornaments.  later, tiny brushes applied vivid colours and transformed the uniform  grey shapes into animals that now take pride of place in countless homes around Mixenden and Illingworth.  Who knows what fun we will be having this year!!

Children must be aged between 5 and 11 years old to take part in the days.  We will also feed them lunch before they are picked up!  The cost for the activity days will be £2 per child per session which can be paid on the day itself.  We can only take 30 children on a first come first served basis.

All children must be registered and consent forms filled in by a legal guardian.


  1. Leah Wilcock

    Please can I add 3 children on for the 29th and 30th
    Broghan wilcock-king 11
    Blake wilcock-king 6
    Brayden wilcock-king 5

  2. Victoria Aldridge

    Please could I add 1 child to Wednesday 16th if there’s space please

    Darcey Holroyde
    Age 6

  3. Leah Sutcliffe

    Can I add my 2 on for all 4 dates please 🙂
    5 year old and 7 year old

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