Who’s Who?

Who’s Who?

Reverend Robb Sutherland

Robb is in his thirties and married to Ruth.  In their spare time they play in a local rock band called Silverthorn and ride a Harley.  The most exotic location they have travelled on the back of it is to the very top of Shetland. When he was at university Robb started to ask all of the Christians he met awkward questions about ‘what it means to follow this guy called Jesus’?  He never really stopped asking those awkward questions so…

Reverend Yvonne Hagan

Yvonne has both lived and worked locally.  She works full time for Calderdale Council in recycling as well as part time for Mixenden and Illingworth Parish.  She was ordained in 2017 at Bradford Cathedral. Tel: 01422 383535 (Evenings and weekends only).

Margaret Henderson

Margaret has lived in North Halifax all of her life.  She has always been at the heart of the church community.  Margaret is one of the main contacts people have when organising a baptism.  During the lead up to the service itself she takes people through baptism preparation classes.  Over the years she has got to know lots of people in the community through this. As a church warden, Margaret is also responsible for making sure the vicar turns up…

Jo Beacroft-Mitchell

Jo is Holy Nativity’s treasurer. She is also training to be a Licenced Lay Minister.

Bailey Wilcock

Bailey is this year’s intern.  He is a local lad who is exploring what it means to serve God through ordination. As the #MixyIntern he is exploring all of the different aspects of church life from leading worship to delivering assemblies at the local schools. He hopes that this year will give him a better understanding of what God is calling him to do with his life. You will find him doing various things on Sunday mornings, helping with the…