Live Lounge

Showcasing grassroots musicians, Live Lounge is occasional evening events at Holy Nativity.  With a licensed bar and refreshments, we provide a space for creativity and enjoyment at the heart of the estate.  Check out our upcoming events page for details of forthcoming artists.

It is suggested that a donation of £5 or more per person is made on the night to cover the cost of the artists.  Due to licensing restrictions, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Communion Meal

Second Sunday of every month, 6pm, Holy Nativity Church. The Communion Meal is an informal evening service once a month. We gather around the table and share food together as part of the communion service. What can you expect? A friendly, family atmosphere with people of all ages. Good food and time to talk together.  There will also be many of the elements of a typical Church of England Communion Service, such as prayers and readings from the Bible. At…

Pilgrim, A Course for the Christian Journey

Going to Holy Nativity last year for Pilgrim really helped me to realise that questioning things is OK.  It also helped me discover the things I find important in life. So you’ve been wondering what this Christianity stuff is all about? You’ve got questions but you don’t know whether you can ask them? We hear them talking about this Jesus stuff like it’s real so what is it all about? This is the place for you! This life is a…

Beer and Carols

Beer and Carols is an event for the whole community and people of all ages as we make Christmas come alive! Raise a glass and sing some of your favourite carols!  For a grand finale, live rock band Metanoia will be playing all of your favourites as well as those songs off the radio you’ve been singing your whole life. We have a licensed bar selling affordable drinks as well as a barrel of beer provided by the wonderful people…

Rock Mass Christmas!

Worship LOUD a Rock Mass Christmas with special guest Archdeacon Bill Braviner leading the service and preaching!

Stations of the Nativity

Come to Holy Nativity to experience The Nativity like you never have before. This is a quiet reflective service of prayers and readings.

Midnight Mass

Come and celebrate the birth of the Christ Child with some of your favourite carols at the first service of Christmas!

Christmas Morning

Bring your favourite present and make the vicar try and turn it into a sermon!  All age party time!  We will even give you a glass of bubbly at the end! ITS CHHRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSTTTMAASSS!!

The Chosen

Come and see The Chosen, a multi-season series about the people who encountered Christ. Each month we eat together, watch together and talk together. Come and be inspired to change the world 2000 years later. A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A gifted publican ostracized by his family and his people. A religious leader struggling with his beliefs. See Jesus through the eyes of those that met him. The evening ends with a…

Rock Mass | Your Kingdom Come

Come and worship LOUD! Rock Mass is a service for people who love it loud! Come and join in, everyone is welcome at Rock Mass!  Holy Nativity and the band Metanoia gather people together from far and wide to worship with songs that come from hymnbooks such as Kerrang Radio and Planet Rock. Metanoia have a lot of experience playing at services together with their alternative hymnal and the amps cranked to 11! Holy Nativity is the home of Rock…


A space for everyone to learn more about God through creative prayers, reading the Bible, singing and activities.  There will be cake!’