Welcome to Holy Nativity Church

Welcome to Holy Nativity Church, serving the parish of Mixenden and Illingworth in North Halifax! We are a friendly Christian community who accept and welcome everyone.

Please have a look around the website and find out more about life here in The Pennines!

Sunday Service at 10am every week.


Pilgrim Journey Multi Arts Retreat

United Adoration and Holy Nativity invite you to a day of creativity exploring the theme of Pilgrimage with Andy Clark & Elise Massa 24th – 25th May 2024! However you create – songwriters, visual artists, writers, poets, and more… you are welcome! This retreat is designed to create a unique sacred space where artists, creatives, and those interested in worshipping through the arts can come together for a dedicated time of creativity, collaboration, fun, and encouragement. Booking for the Saturday…


A space for everyone to learn more about God through creative prayers, reading the Bible, singing and activities.  There will be cake!’

The Chosen

Come and see The Chosen, a multi-season series about the people who encountered Christ. Each month we eat together, watch together and talk together. Come and be inspired to change the world 2000 years later. A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A gifted publican ostracized by his family and his people. A religious leader struggling with his beliefs. See Jesus through the eyes of those that met him. The evening ends with a…

Communion Meal

Second Sunday of every month, 6pm, Holy Nativity Church. The Communion Meal is an informal evening service once a month. We gather around the table and share food together as part of the communion service. What can you expect? A friendly, family atmosphere with people of all ages. Good food and time to talk together.  There will also be many of the elements of a typical Church of England Communion Service, such as prayers and readings from the Bible. At…

Support Us

There are lots of ways to support the work of Holy Nativity. You may give a financial gift to the church online by clicking below.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us, click here.


Pilgrim Journey – Inspiration Packet.

Download your packet of materials for our Pilgrim Journey Arts Retreat Here! Hello fellow pilgrim and welcome to the resource page for Pilgrim Journey. Here you will find a PDF packet of inspiring readings and images to help get your creativity flowing for our event. Feel free to download it to a device of your choice and browse it – hopefully it will get you excited and inspired for the day ahead. If you’re not sure about any of the…

Partnerships Update

Thanks to our development project, we’ve been able to start working much more closely with community partners to expand and improve what we are doing in the community here at Holy Nativity. Working with Together Housing we’ve seen improvements to our facilities. And with them and others we’ve now set up fortnightly support drop ins where local residents can come for advice and support on a range of issues. Our advice service includes: We are always looking for ways to…

More Building updates!

Following on from the big March clear out and the creation of the new church office we’ve been doing even more to improve the back stage facilities here at Holy Nativity. For such a busy and active church, we really struggle for storage, and thanks to the UKSPF grant and some help from community partners it’s been great to see progress on making everything more organised and easy to use. Starting with the vestry – where all the items for…

Funding Update

A lot of our UKSPF funded development project is about the big building project here at Holy Nativity, but at the same time we are still focused on delivering all the amazing activities and community benefits that we already do. To help us with that we get lots of support from local, regional and national funders and we are thrilled to report that we have two grants just in which will help us move forward. First, with the support of…