Rock Mass

Rock Mass

Rock Mass is back!

The Rock Mass is a monthly service for people who love it loud!  The community gather together to worship God through live heavy Rock music!

At a typical service you can expect to be singing songs you are more likely to hear on the Kerrang channel or Planet Rock Radio.  As we come together around God’s table to meet Him in bread and wine there are smoke and lights, processions, incense – everything you need to give the authenticity of stadium rock.

At the heart of the church’s worship for nearly 2000 years is the sharing of bread and wine as part of a community as Jesus taught.  All are welcome to gather around God’s table.

The band Metanoia have been leading services together since 2005 with their alternative hymnal and all of the amps cranked to 11! The Rock Mass has been held in intimate venues Like Holy Nativity as well as massive places such as Dewsbury Minster or at Greenbelt Festival.

@ Holy Nativity we worship together once a month.

If you want to worship with music from great hymn writers such as Evanescence, Alter Bridge and Aerosmith, come along!

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  1. derek jones

    hiya Rob, looking at bringing a few folks across from Bradford on Easter Day for rock mass – do you need to know numbers ahead of time or can we just turn up? Either way, what time are you looking at starting?

    • Robb Sutherland

      Hi Derek,

      Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances we are going to have to cancel Easter’s service and take a break until after the summer. Appologies for the inconvenience.


      • Derek

        Nothing to apologise for – hope all’s progressing well, blessings, d.

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