Journeying with Mary and Joseph. #PosadaJourney #HNchristmas2019

Journeying with Mary and Joseph. #PosadaJourney #HNchristmas2019

This Advent, Holy Nativity is taking a special journey with Mary and Joseph as they make their way from Nazareth to Bethlehem!

Each day, a member of the community at Holy Nativity is offering Hospitality to the Holy Family. Mary and Joseph come with a range of activities that can be enjoyed whether old or young.

Each day, their photo will be shared as they take part in our lives and the life of the church. By the end of Advent we should have a giant paper chain of prayers written around the parish which can become part of the service on Christmas Morning. Let’s not forget to burn the advent candle each day and fill in the diary! And of course, we are using the hashtags #PosadaJourney and #HNchristmas2019!

Have a wonderful Advent everyone as we prepare to celebrate Christmas!

The Word became flash and blood and moved into the neighbourhood!

John’s Gospel


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