Tonight we did Shrove Tuesday in style as members of the community came to Holy Nativity for pancakes.  Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday is the time when Christians would get rid of all of the fatty food from the house ready for the start of lent.  We kept this tradition by consuming all of the pancakes in the world.

As we don’t say “Alleluia” during lent we shouted it a lot tonight.  And sang it a lot too!  Then we coloured in some alleluias and placed them into a little box and buried them out in the church park.

Finally we prepared the ash for tomorrow evening’s service on Ash Wednesday.  People brought back their palm crosses from last year and we burned them in the grounds of the church.

We had a lot of fun.  You are all invited to come at 7:30pm tomorrow night for the Ash Wednesday service!  See you there!

Women Bishops!


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