NCS Volunteers at Holy Nativity

NCS Volunteers at Holy Nativity

This week we have been privileged to have a group of 16 volunteers doing National Citizen Service at Holy Nativity. Following on from the Fun Day in the church park, one group have been looking at the borders, pulling out weeds, cutting back bushes and planting new plants!

Inside the building, another group have been decorating the entrance hall so that we can create as place that is as welcoming as possible for the whole community.

It has been a real privilege to have NCS with us. It has made a real difference to the way Holy Nativity looks.

Revd Robb

NCS were working with school leavers who were looking for things to do in the long summer holiday before going to college.

It was great to be able to come to Holy Nativity and give something back through volunteering. It was also good for everyone to see what Holy Nativity does in the community.



  1. Janice Jagger

    Spot on Vicar, I remember Gordon Day he was trendy, not tattoo’d that we could see, not in a rock band to my knowledge, but played the guitar and was down with the kids as they say. He had a Honda 50 Scooter and a long Doctor Who Scarf. One Mean Vicar, best one I ever met for introducing Play Weeks for the children which were always themed and well attended. We did Clean up Campaign throughout Mixenden on the same week as he entertained the children. Worked really well with the Adventure Playground where we were based and Gordon at the Holy Nativity Church. He also assisted us with The Mock Wedding for Prince Charles & Princess Dianna , not to mention the Mixenden Gala’s & The Playground Community Events, Bonfires, Pantomimes indeed anything he could do. Plus he was always at the Church at 5.a.m Landscaping the Gardens and painting or anything required, what a Mam, what a Vicar. Likewise followed by Reverend Bradnum another Stalwart for Mixenden ;

  2. Robb Sutherland Author

    I know Gordon well. We were having lunch last week because we are planning an event together. Glad you remember him fondly. I’ll let him know.

  3. Janice Jagger

    Thank you for that Rob Sutherland, Gordon and his family will always be fondly remembered he was a remarkable man. Regards Colin & Janice Jagger

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