Mixenden: A Community that Rallies in Times of Trouble

Mixenden: A Community that Rallies in Times of Trouble

What a day it has been!  The response to such challenging circumstances from the whole community here in Mixenden has been amazing.  From offering a cup of tea and a space for people to gather at Holy Nativity, we soon decided to start serving bacon butties.  Jo and Bailey can’t help but feed people.  Then we had a surprise as Scoffers came through the door with a tray of sandwiches. So as people are together and chatted, toddlers toddled with the toy box on a rug and we dug out some craft activities for the older children.  Staff from Ash Green Upper came and found some familiar faces in the youngsters they should have been teaching and we came together as a community.  We shared in each other’s lives at a very challenging time.

On a personal level, I never cease to be amazed by the way that the people of our estate rally together in the face of adversity.  It would be so easy for us to fall apart but instead, we support one another and build each other up.


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