Holy Week 2021 | Services

Holy Week 2021 | Services


This third lockdown has been a very difficult time for us all.  This week marks a full year of our worship together being online with occasional in person said services when it has been safe to do so.  I long for that point where we can meet together and sing the Lord’s song at the top of our voices once again!  Ruth and I miss you all a great deal.

Palm Sunday

Holy Week is with us once more. On Palm Sunday, there will be a service on our YouTube channel to begin Holy Week. There will then be services throughout the week.

Monday – Wednesday

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be live services at 7:30pm on YouTube. These services will have simple singing using Taizé Chants and a short reflection. 

Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday there will be an intimate live communion service at 7:30pm.  You may wish to have some candles, and some bread and wine available for an agape meal that evening.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, stations of the cross will be online at 2pm. This is a service that is being put together by people from across the whole community.

Easter Day

Easter Fire


Weather permitting, we will have an early service and Easter Fire in the church park at 8am WITH SINGING.  I hope to see some of you there – a welcome change from last year’s fire livestreamed from my garden.

All Age Celebration

There will then be a big 10am celebration online via YouTube where we can raise the roof singing in our own homes.

From Easter Onwards

From the week after Easter, we will once again have in person said services at 11:30am.  I envisage that this will be for a few weeks until when we will start to meet again at 10am.  I hope that we will be able to get the equipment so that our in person worship can be broadcast live on to YouTube in the future. We aren’t quite there yet.


We have also started a podcast which you can access through our website at holynativity.co.uk or on other streaming platforms like Spotify.

We hope to see you soon



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