Yvonne’s Ordination and First Eucharist

Yvonne’s Ordination and First Eucharist

It has been a wonderful weekend in the life of Holy Nativity as we have celebrated with Yvonne as she was ordained priest.

On Saturday at Huddersfield Parish church Yvonne was ordained by Right Reverend Jonathan Gibbs, the bishop of Huddersfield.  It was a wonderful service in which he placed his hands on her head and prayed for her.

On Sunday, Yvonne celebrated her first communion service here at Holy Nativity.  People gathered from all around Halifax to celebrate with her.  There were lots of visitors from Christ Church Pellon where Yvonne used to worship.  John Hellewell, the vicar of Christ Church preached at the service.  Revd Robb said “It was fantastic to be able to celebrate with Yvonne.  She’s such an amazing part of our community here at Holy Nativity, ministering to people around the parish and beyond”.  At the end of the service, the congregation gave Yvonne some gifts and a massive round of applause.   Then after the service everyone stayed for a shared meal as the celebration continued.

“I feel truly blessed” said Yvonne. “I feel like I’ve been held by God and by Holy Nativity and it is a real privilege to serve God and the people of this parish”.

Revd Yvonne Hagan is assistant curate within the parish and has been working here in Mixenden and Illingworth for 12 months.


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