Making a Stained Glass Window

Making a Stained Glass Window

We know many of you are finding it difficult to occupy your time, especially with the kids. Here is how one of our young parishioners is doing something to liven up the street and brighten up her neighbours’ lives. I will hand over to the words of her mum.

“My daughter spotted something like this on Facebook and we thought we’d give it a go.

You need masking tape or electrical tape to mark out the design. Don’t use sellotape as it won’t come off after a couple of days. We spent 2 days making this design.

How it is done!

To begin, I drew it on a bit of paper and then copied it free hand onto the window. It is best to keep the design simple! Mask out the basic shapes and then fill in with some short strips of tape to give the “stained glass” effect.

To fill in the design with colour, the original plan was to use poster paints with water and a bit of PVA. However, my daughter had already used up most of her paints! So we went for felt tips – specifically pro tips and sharpies because they have nice thick nibs. 

WARNING: I’m bonkers and I have no idea if sharpies will come off glass easily. My guess is that we may need some neat vodka or nail varnish remover and a lot of patience ! So if you can, I’d go for the poster paints.

Then you just paint/colour in the sections.  Leave it to dry in between different sections so you don’t smudge too much and go for thin layers to avoid running and make sure the light gets through.

If I was using paint, once it had dried I would have sprayed it over with a thin mist of hairspray to make it last longer. Making sure it has dried peel off the tape and you’re done!

Ours looks amazing when the evening light hits it And the neighbours are all loving it at night !

You could do a rainbow or an Easter scene or just a heart or anything you like drawing. it really doesn’t matter and the simpler the shapes the better.

Have fun and send us some photos !



You may notice that I put the bit about sharpies in bold! Why not give it a go? Light up the estate with a stained glass window and share the results with us!


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