Say one for me Vicar

‘Say one for me vicar’ is a phrase I often hear. The idea that prayer is something I do because I am the vicar is for many people deep within them. But prayer is something we do as a community together. In times of trouble, even the most ardent atheists can find themselves in conversation with God. Prayer is one of the great things we can do as a community throughout the whole year.

As we move through the church year at Holy Nativity, we relive the most important parts of our faith. Like the weather has seasons, the church year has seasons such as Christmas. As we approach Easter, we are going through Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

This week is the point in the church year where your church is usually becoming a hive of activity. Extra services. The youth group and scouts all sleep over from Maundy Thursday into Good Friday, when we have the all age stations of the cross. We haven’t yet worked out what that looks like for us as a community in 2020. I am sure we shall all muddle through it together.

We are praying the Daily Office together each day at 10am and 6pm. I am personally finding it wonderful to have people joining me with this. Of course there is also Ruth praying here in the house with me. And we’re all meeting together through YouTube at 6pm each day.

In the two weeks running up to Easter, the words are slightly different reflecting Jesus’ death upon the cross. Some of the imagery is wonderfully vivid.

Why are your robes all red, O Lord,
and your garments like theirs who tread the winepress?

Isaiah 63:2

This is a journey we are on together as we walk towards the cross of Good Friday. I am sure that this imagery will become part of your deeper understanding of what happened on that afternoon nearly 2000 years ago.

Please download the order of service and join us in prayer. Send any prayer requests you have to us.


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