Holy Week

Holy Week is well under way as Christian communities around the globe make a spiritual pilgrimage towards The Cross of Good Friday and the eventual joy of Easter Day.

In the modern world, it is easy to forget that the Christian faith is an ancient spirituality that we enter into as we ourselves become disciples thousands of years later. Here at Holy Nativity our week began with quiet reflective services each night accompanied by the music of Taizé. Holy Week offers a sanctuary of peace in which we are able to embrace moments of silence and contemplative prayer. In a world filled with noise and chaos, we have been given a great opportunity to let go of our many distractions.

We now come to Maundy Thursday, the day we remember Jesus last supper with his friends. A poignant moment as we recall his betrayal at the hands of a friend for a small purse of coins.

As we continue this spiritual journey, I encourage you to embrace the spiritual essence of Holy Week. Perhaps it will lead to a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to God, enriching not only this season but also the journey of life itself.

Maundy Thursday Footwashing Service is at 4pm. Everyone is welcome!


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