Forming a New Diocese

White Rose“May you live in interesting times” is an old phrase that is often attributed as a Chinese proverb. Here at Holy Nativity we are certainly moving into ‘interesting times’ as part of The Diocese of Wakefield. On Monday 8th of July the national governing body of the Church of England voted to go ahead with a scheme whereby our diocese will be dissolved along with Ripon and Leeds Diocese and Bradford Diocese. In its place a new larger diocese of ‘Leeds (West Yorkshire and the Dales)’ will be created.

Whilst this has big implications for The Parish of Mixenden and Illingworth because our wider organisation will change, it is an exciting opportunity to become part of the plan that God has for our future. The group who were given the task of planning this reorganisation are the Diocese Commission. Throughout the whole planning process the Diocese Commission have sought to focus us upon becoming an organisation that serves the Mission of God here in Yorkshire. Together we have constantly asked the question ‘how do we best serve the people of God in this region to bring real transformation to our communities’?

This is the challenge that we face over the coming months and years as we strive to become a new Diocese of Leeds (West Yorkshire and The Dales) that is truly focussed on the mission of God in the heart of all our communities. I echo the words of Bishop Stephen who asks us to “please pray for the people and clergy of the three Dioceses” as we come together and face the challenges before us. Let’s seek to lead the way as pioneers in the Church of England calling each other to the task God lays before us: changing the world!!


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