Our New Bishop (to be)

Today, I went to Huddersfield University to meet our newly appointed bishop (to be) at the Jo Cox More in Common Centre.  This morning at 10am, Downing Street announced that The Revd Canon Smitha Prasadam will take up the role of Bishop of Huddersfield later in the year.  She is currently Chaplain of St Albans, Copenhagen.  She explained that this means she is the only Anglican vicar in the whole of Denmark.  It makes our parish from the top of Mixenden to the bottom of Illingworth next to Trinity Academy look tiny!

As the appointment of new bishops are a closely guarded secret until Downing Street make the announcement, I didn’t know who had been given the job until she walked into the room.  I instantly recognised Smitha from a committee that we are both part of that shapes the worship of the Church of England.  As Smitha is from Copenhagan she attends the meetings via zoom.  It was really good for us to meet in person.  I am really looking forward to having Smitha as our new area Bishop.  I look forward to inviting her to Holy Nativity some time after she is ordained bishop in June.  Please pray for Smitha as she prepares to move back to the UK and come and join us here in Huddersfield Episcopal Area.


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