Meet the #MixyIntern.

Meet the #MixyIntern.

Over the last few months you may have noticed someone new with us at Holy Nativity. Emily started her Internship in September 2019 and will be with us until the summer.

Emily is the #MixyIntern 2019-2020

Emily is exploring a possible call to ordained ministry and during her time in Mixenden, she will be working on a wide range of projects to get a feel for parish ministry.

Emily grew up in Doncaster but she spent the last year living in Nottingham and working for a different church down there. In her spare time she is a drummer and a Scout Leader and enjoys watching TV series and listening to country music.

We’re really enjoying having Emily with us and looking forward to the rest of the time she is spending with us here in Mixenden and Illingworth.


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