Standing on Holy Ground @ The Rock Mass

Standing on Holy Ground @ The Rock Mass

In February The Rock Mass took us on a trip three and a half thousand years back to Moses and the burning bush.  With a sound track provided by Metanoia, playing songs like Forever Never’s version of “You’re The Voice”, we looked at what it means to stand on Holy Ground.

In the centre of Holy Nativity there was giant art installation of the Burning Bush.  As Revd Rachel Firth led us through the service, we prayed to break the bonds of oppression faced by many people as we broke the links of a giant chain made of pipe cleaners.  As we each took away a link we were encouraged to transform them into a symbol of freedom to take home.

One of the highlights of the service was the point where we watched the Prince of Egypt’s escape from Egypt scene whilst singing U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name with the volume cranked to 11!  Such powerful music and imagery at the same time.

The Rock Mass is a service for people who like to live life loud and bring their contemporary lives into their worship.  This is a service for all people regardless of whether you have a strong faith or none.  Everyone is welcome.  Everyone can join in and sing along to the songs you are more likely to find on Kerrang than Songs of Praise.

The next Rock Mass in on April 20th, Easter Day.  We will be celebrating the resurrection and celebrating it loud!


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