Reverend Robb Sutherland

Reverend Robb Sutherland

Robb is in his thirties and married to Ruth.  In their spare time they play in a local rock band called Silverthorn and ride a Harley.  The most exotic location they have travelled on the back of it is to the very top of Shetland.

When he was at university Robb started to ask all of the Christians he met awkward questions about ‘what it means to follow this guy called Jesus’?  He never really stopped asking those awkward questions so quickly transferred from a degree in Chemistry to Religious Studies.  Since then he has felt a persistent sense of calling to ordained ministry.  He became an RE teacher and taught in a comprehensive school in West Yorkshire whilst exploring his sense of vocation with the Church of England.  Robb trained for two years at Cranmer Hall and one year at The College of the Resurrection and was ordained in 2009.  He served a curacy as part of the Morley Team Ministry and then joined us in Mixenden and Illingworth as vicar.

Robb and Ruth have over fifteen years involvment in Alt:Worship and fresh expressions.  They formed a band called Metanoia and went on to develop the Rock Mass liturgies using stadium rock to worship in a way that feels culturally authentic. In Autumn 2013 we began a regular Rock Mass here at Holy Nativity to engage with new congregations and new ways of experiencing God through worship.  Robb’s personal blog is at Changing Worship.

“He’s still asking us those awkward questions about Jesus” – Robb’s exasperated friends.

BA(Hons) in Religious Studies, PGCE Secondary Education (Religious Education), MA in Theology and Ministry, MA in Liturgy

Tel:   01422 353929

Assistant Curate (SSM)
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