Harvest Festival – Supporting People in Need

Harvest Festival – Supporting People in Need

This year we have had some wonderful harvest celebrations. Graeme led a great celebration for the congregation, and we also celebrated with the children of Ash Green School and the Children’s Centre’s 2-3 room.

We kick started the celebrations with the children from the 2-3 room. They came to Holy Nativity with a wonderful display that the children created.  This included all of the craft activities they have done to learn about harvest.  They also brought a wonderful basket of food as an offering for Holy Nativity’s Church Pantry.  So of course, in true Holy Nativity style we had a sing and dance with the children. Reverend Robb played Creator God which all the children loved. With all of the children dancing, I had to join in too.

Then I told the children the Parable of the Sower. This was met with the kids being very intrigued as to why I poured soil all over the church floor.  The children listened so well and enjoyed the time they spent in church.

The following Sunday we came together for all age worship in church. The congregation brought harvest offerings to put under the alter. This year we gave the food to Holy Nativity’s Church Pantry and all hygiene products to the Women’s Centre in Halifax. We received an enormous amount of donations. We are so grateful for everyone’s generosity.  It is great to see the community come together to support people in need.

The following week Robb and I went to Ash Green Primary School to lead their harvest festival. This was the first assembly we have been in to school for a year and a half so it was amazing to see them all. The children took a particular interest in a clip from ‘Wallace and Gromit, the Curse of the Ware Rabbit’.

“This is exactly what we do in church at harvest” said Robb – just a little less being eaten by a huge rabbit.

The harvest offerings from both sites were incredible and we greatly appreciate the support for the Church Pantry.

This concluded our harvest celebrations but what a wonderful celebration it has been. Helping to teach the children on why we offer gifts has been so amazing. It is great to be able to see how harvest help people understand that helping people in need is at the heart of our Christian faith.

To support the work of Holy Nativity in the community, please consider offering your regular financially support.


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