Could You Be a MixyIntern?

Could You Be a MixyIntern?

What does a MixyIntern do?

Getting supplies for the Church Pantry.

As a MixyIntern, there are opportunities to serve across all kinds of areas which may include:

Community Outreach. Holy Nativity is an estate church and we are active every day in the community.  We work alongside the local authority and other agencies to support our community who often face challenges in every day life.  Our internship offers opportunities to serve in the church but also to be active in community development.

Teaching A School Class about the Nativity.

Poverty Relief. Supporting the work of our Food Pantry as we grow relationships with people in need in our community as well as providing much needed essential support.  Maybe you’d like to be out front greeting and talking to people? Or in the kitchen serving warm drinks and hospitality, or possibly in the back room organising food parcels – you’ll get a chance to have a go at everything. 

Youth Work. Perhaps you would like to be part of the leadership team of our Youth Group, reaching out to kids aged 9 to 14 as they transition from primary to secondary school and beyond. This will include regular weekly activities, games, craft, discussion as well as planning trips out, parties and celebrations of the major festivals. 

Schools Work. Holy Nativity has a close link with our local school, children’s centre and support organisations to help improve the lives of families across the estate.  Could you assist with weekly school assemblies, host toddler groups from the local children’s centre, plan celebrations of the major Christian festivals with a group of 2 year olds – who knows what could happen? 

Serving at Beer and Carols

Preaching and Leading Worship. Would you like to gain experience in preaching, leading worship, developing and supporting alternative worship services, leading bible study and nurture groups? 

Practical Skills. Learning about music technology and AV while helping set up the lighting and AV for the Rock Mass or honing your cooking skills preparing food for our regular Communion Meal. 

Who knows? Maybe you can follow in the footsteps of previous interns and host the annual beer and carols event? 

If all of this sounds like it might be for you click here to contact us for an informal chat.

If this sounds like it might be right for someone you know – please send them a link to our website for information.

Explore what your MixyIntern year could look like.